In 2011 Togliattiazot launched the program for production upgrade through 2020.

Togliattiazot PJSC employs a long-term development program, aimed at increasing competitiveness on the global chemical market. TOAZ seeks the highest business performance by upgrading production, improving management processes and reducing environmental impact, as well as investing in human resources and region’s success.

Strategic priorities

·         Maintaining leadership positions in the global chemical industry in terms of output

Togliatiiazot PJSC is among top five ammonia producers: the company produces almost 20% of ammonia in Russia and some 10% of ammonia in the world.

·         Production efficiency and stability

Since 2012, Togliattiazot has been implementing the production facility upgrade program through 2022. The program entails comprehensive repairs and upgrade of all production infrastructure facilities, including seven ammonia units and two carbamide units, two unique refrigerated tanks for liquid ammonia storage, with a volume of 30,000 metric tons each, biological treatment plants and railroad infrastructure.

In 2017, TOAZ will start the construction of the third carbamide unit with a capacity of 2,200 metric tons per day. The project, developed in cooperation with Urea Casale and NIIK OJSC, envisages the construction of a high-tech unit, which will produce reduced air emission and 93% carbamide purification. TOAZ invests over 9.5 bln roubles in the construction. The facility will be commissioned in 2019.

In 2018, TOAZ will launch the construction of a new ammonia purge gas recovery unit with a capacity of 1,860 metric tons per day. The project was developed in cooperation with KBR and ORGKHIM engineering company and implements an industrial technology, which is unique for the Russian chemical industry: purge gas from the units located at TOAZ area will be used a raw material for ammonia production. Using the resources of the enterprise will lead to a considerable increase in the unit performance and reduction of negative environmental impact.

Given the absence of the traditional reforming and purification stage, ammonia production from purge gas involves practically no liquid and gaseous waste. The overall waste produced by the new unit will amount to 0.27% of the total waste of the plant. In addition, cutting process stages will result in minimising energy consumption to 8.5 Gcal per metric ton of produced ammonia.  The unit will be put into operation in 2021.

·         Expanding commodity markets

TOAZ accounts for a 20% share on the Russian market of mineral fertilizers. At present, TOAZ production is exported in 120 countries. The completion of transshipment complex construction in the port of Taman, Krasnodar Territory, will provide for the stability of cargo flows and expand the sales geography, by 2020.

·         Occupational health and safety, environmental protection

The company operates in line with the requirements of environmental law and seeks to provide safe working conditions for its employees, as well as to prevent incidents and injuries. TOAZ development strategy through 2022 incorporates environmental events, including those envisaging the implementation of high-tech solutions to minimize the anthropogenic impact on the environment.

·         Efficient management to deliver long-term competitiveness

The highest possible management efficiency is a priority for TOAZ executives. Since 2013, TOAZ has been consistently implementing its Transformation Program, which defined the development and improvement of the company’s key business process, including planning of the production and repairs, purchase and project activity, document flow, budget policy, remuneration and incentive system.

·         The image of a reliable and prestigious employer

An integral part of our strategy is providing social guarantees to our employees. TOAZ seeks to create fair and comfortable working conditions and invests in professional development. Togliattiazot employs almost 400 labor dynasties, which is evidence to the company being an attractive employer.

·         Development of the native region

Togliattiazot is among the largest taxpayers in the Samara Region. It invests considerable funds in regional, sporting, charity, educational and cultural projects, as well as in the development of social infrastructure in Togliatti.