Environmental protection is a crucial component of Togliattiazot’s development strategy.

The company operates pursuant to regulations approved under the environmental laws. As early as at the Togliattiazot construction stage, account was taken of the fact that there already was a sufficient number of large production facilities in Togliatti. Therefore, the Togliattiazot manufacturing complex was constructed outside the town: it is located at the distance of 12 km from the nearest residential areas. In designing its location, the wind pattern was also taken into consideration. Owing to that, the plant operations do not produce a negative impact on the atmosphere in Togliatti.

  • The system-based work of reducing environmental impacts for Togliattiazot is carried out in two directions:

  • Development and implementation of cutting-edge technologies that are compliant with the most recent environmental standards.

Upgrade of the existing manufacturing equipment at the operating production sites.

For example, the introduction of two units by Monsanto (Italy) for hydrogen separation from purge gas which was previously burnt at the flare allows reusing it as an input product at the ammonia synthesis assembly.

Compliance with environmental standards is monitored by the industrial laboratory and the laboratory of the biological treatment facilities. A advanced mobile environmental laboratory system was acquired to monitor the quality of air in the buffer zone and at the industrial site. It has been accredited by Gosstandart and meets Rosgidromet requirements.

The basis of the measuring system is a high-sensitivity computer-managed infrared interferometer spectrometer MV-100 produced by BOMEM and capable of automatically analysing the air composition by 20 ingredients every 2-4 minutes, which is 100-500 times faster than conventional methods of air quality monitoring. As requested by the environmental service of the Mayor’s Office, the Togliattiazot laboratory is frequently involved in taking measurements in various districts of the town.

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but participates in creating the greenhouse effect. Togliattiazot uses this ammonia production waste to synthesise urea and to produce liquid and solid carbon acid. Thanks to reusing carbon dioxide in production, it is not emitted to the atmosphere.

The enterprise has its own biological treatment facilities (BTF) that perform the clean-up of wastewater not only of the enterprise but also of Komsomoksly District and Povolzhsky Settlement. Before entering BTF, the enterprise’s wastewater undergoes preliminary clean-up at 9 local units available in all the key workshops of the enterprise and mixing at the unit of wastewater control and treatment. After biological treatment at Togliattiazot treatment facilities, the wastewater is qualified as “treated to standard quality”. Samara Oblast has only two biological treatment facilities that ensure such a level of wastewater treatment.

To improve the system of purifying the treated wastewater, a modern ultraviolet purification station was commissioned, which allowed eliminating chlorine dosing for the wastewater disinfection. Togliattiazot is currently implementing a project of upgrading the treatment facilities in order to recycle up to a third of the wastewater, thereby reducing the consumption of river water.