For TOAZ, Togliatti is a native and beloved town. Thousands of the plant workers live here. It is important for us to create a comfortable urban environment at all levels: social, financial, and cultural. Therefore, the enterprise is extensively involved in comprehensive development of the town and region.

TOAZ PJSC is consistently implementing a long-term corporate social responsibility programme by offering charity support and sponsorship in the following key areas:

Education and awareness:

· Chemistry of Words, an intellectual club, has been operating in the format of a free-entry lecture hall since 2017. From September until May, twice a month, Togliatti residents attend popular science lectures of major Russian scientists, journalists, psychologists, and people of art.

· Chemistry of Experience, a programme for people over 50 years old which is aimed at advanced training and development of important skills of pre-retirees.

· Literature Orchestra, a series of lectures and performances devoted to the Russian classic literature, joint with Arzamas educational website.

· A project to assist Togliatti educational institutions as part of professional navigation and environment improvement programmes. TOAZ renders help to the schools being under its patronage and to the Togliatti State University.


· Togliattiazot House of Culture, the largest municipal leisure centre hosting the key cultural activities, sports competitions, and educational events.

· Impulse, a scholarship programme for talented youth of Togliatti being implemented jointly with Not Indifferentcharity fund and the Togliatti Philharmonia.

· TOAZ Musical Lounge, a subscription for concerts in the Togliattiazot House of Culture.

· Welcome to My Togliatti, a contest of videoclips, was held in 2017 jointly with the Togliatti Local History Museum.

· Samara Luka: Four Seasons, a photo contest, joint with the Samara Luka National Park.

· Togliatti: Confession of Love, a photo contest, joint with the Togliatti Local History Museum.

· Please Meet Togliatti, a contest of excursion routes, joint with the Department for International and Interregional Relations of the Municipal Administration of Togliatti Urban District and the Togliatti Local History Museum.

· Support of festivals, organisation of exhibitions.


TOAZ PJSC pursues an extensive policy for promoting the priorities of a healthy lifestyle and developing amateur sports. The enterprise has created its own ice hockey, ball hockey, tennis, volleyball, basketball, and futsal teams. It holds plantwide multidiscipline competitions. A bicycle race from the manufacturing site to the House of Culture in Komsomolsky District is held annually.

TOAZ employees take part in municipal and interregional competitions, municipal tournaments, amateur leagues, and sectoral competitions.

TOAZ PJSC supports the Samara Oblast Basketball Federation, for the purpose of developing this sport in the region. Togliattiazot Championship of Samara Oblast, a regional tournament among amateur teams, is held under the auspices of TOAZ. Each spring, TOAZ 3x3 Street Basketball Cup is held in Togliatti, this is a significant regional tournament gaining popularity among the community. In addition, the enterprise is the general sponsor of Samara Open, a basketball tournament in Samara involving over 200 teams from all over Russia.

Environmental protection:

Environmental matters are given special care at TOAZ PJSC, for which reason the enterprise invests considerable funds in environmental protection programmes, initiates and supports numerous environmental campaigns, including:

· campaigns for the reproduction of biological resources and landscape gardening

· planting trees in Togliatti

· annual voluntary community work in the territory of the town, environmental bicycle races

· waste paper collection

· TOAZ traditionally supports Samara Luka, a unique National Park

For more details regarding environmental activities, see the “Environment” section.

Helping those in need:

Being a major employer, TOAZ PJSC consistently supports those in need. Such support is offered on the principles of targeting, efficiency, and transparency. The enterprise pays special attention to the programmes having a long-term effect and wide outreach, such as:

· beautification of social and public institutions in the town

· provision of new equipment to healthcare institutions

· a programme of grants for foster families

· help to disabled children and veterans

In addition, TOAZ implements Chemistry of the Good programme designed to support socially important and/or culturally important initiatives aimed at dealing with current problems of the Region of Presence, developing the social and/or cultural environment, and involving a maximum number of stakeholders in the processes of improving the social and/or cultural environment in the Region of Presence.

Chemistry of Words Chemistry of Words

An educational project in the form of a free-entry lecture hall.

Chemistry of Experience Chemistry of Experience

The first educational programme in Russia initiated by a major manufacturing enterprise and aimed at advanced training of pre-retirees.

Chemistry of the Good Chemistry of the Good

A competition for the provision of grants to implement social and cultural projects.

Impulse Scholarship Programme Impulse Scholarship Programme

A programme to boost the development of the cultural potential of Togliatti and talented children, young musicians, musical bands and projects.

Grant programme for persons who adopted disabled children Grant programme for persons who adopted disabled children

In the context of the programme, TOAZ grants money to the persons who adopted orphans, as well as disabled children and abandoned children who had stayed in orphan houses at the time of adoption.

Togliattiazot House of Culture Togliattiazot House of Culture

A site that regularly hosts bright festive municipal events, regional festivals, and mass charity campaigns.

Literature Orchestra Literature Orchestra

A series of lectures given by famous journalists and literary historians devoted to the Russian literature and originally illustrated by mini-performances in an unusual genre of verbatim, when actors read letters and diaries of Russian writers.

Mendeleev.infо portal Mendeleev.infо portal

A partner project. It is a portal devoted to chemists, chemistry, and the Periodic System.