About the Company

Togliattiazot (TOAZ) is one of Russia’s largest producers of chemicals. The company is among the top three producers of ammonia in Russia and the top ten worldwide. We are the only chemical plant in the world able to produce three million tonnes of ammonia annually.

Togliattiazot’s main activity is in the production of mineral fertilizers and chemical products. Today, the plant includes seven ammonia production units and two for urea, on a site covering over 200 hectares.

Since its founding, Togliattiazot has played a key role in growing the Russian chemical industry and contributing to the general welfare in our native city of Togliatti as well as Samara Region as a whole. TOAZ is one of the region’s largest taxpayers, and provides jobs to over 5,000 residents.

Our customers are located in dozens of countries across five continents, as well as within the Russian Federation. TOAZ's production capacity means that around 20% of Russian market demand can be met, also providing 11% of global ammonia exports. Consistent delivery of high quality products is ensured by the company’s well-developed transport infrastructure. Besides the rolling stock of over 1,400 cars the plant has access to the Togliatti–Odessa ammonia pipeline, which has no market equivalent and stretches over 2,000 kilometres.

TOAZ's high corporate policy standards mean that our benefits package is one of the best in the sector. Every employee receives high-quality medical care and treatment at health resorts. Our youngest workers and retirees are guaranteed material support. Thanks to our preventive efforts, TogliattiAzot has not had a single work-related injury or illness since 2007.

Togliatti is not simply our headquarters location; we strive to make our native town a better place. Our labs permanently monitor ecological safety at the production site and around it. Not only TOAZ employees, but all citizens of Togliatti, Samara region and other regions of the country attend our facilities every day.

Our priorities are innovation, technology and human capital. In our quest for excellence, we have grown to become the largest producer of ammonia in Russia.