Occupational Guidance

To achieve the production goals set, 
TOAZ PJSC needs highly qualified specialists

with a robust industry-specific education.

To achieve the production goals set, TOAZ PJSC needs highly qualified specialists with a robust industry-specific education.
To this end, the Occupational Guidance project was launched at Togliattiazot. The project implies close collaboration with schoolchildren and students taking interest in the chemical industry. Togliattiazot thoroughly supports young and promising school graduates that have succeeded in chemistry during their school time!

Goals of the Programme:

•    to attract young specialists to the enterprise;

•    to create a succession pipeline of young and successful employees; 

•    to improve the quality of professional training at educational institutions.

Who may participate:

•    students of higher and secondary professional educational institutions majoring in chemical engineering and intending to associate their employment with chemical production;

•    schoolchildren intending to choose majors in chemistry and chemical engineering in the future to acquire further vocational or higher professional education.

Cooperation in the context of the Occupational Guidance Programme implies:

For students:

•    payment of additional scholarships and an increased academic excellence scholarship;

•    payment of grants for winning academic competitions, contests and for their achievements in scientific research work;

•    completion of introductory, manufacturing, and pre-graduation practical training at the enterprise;

•    employment with TOAZ PJSC;

•    compilation of the Employee Development Programme and adding students to the talent pipeline.

For schoolchildren:

•    participation in chemistry-related academic competitions, marathons, workshops, and contests;

•    award of valuable prizes for wins and good results in scientific research work;

•    additional preparation for the Unified National Exam in chemistry;

•    introduction to the enterprise and the manufacturing process.

Each successful student who collaborates with the enterprise is given the opportunity to acquire practical skills at the plant and during the manufacturing training, as well as a guarantee to be employed after graduating from the educational institution. This is the solution to the key problem of all young specialists

To deal with any issues, please contact the Centre for Specialist Training and Personnel Development at TOAZ PJSC: (8482) 60-12-40, Tatiana Anatolievna Golubitskaya