Togliattiazot is the only chemical company in the world with production capacity of about 3 million tons of ammonia annually.

PJSC Togliattiazot (Togliatti, Samara region), being the world's largest producer of ammonia, is the core enterprise of the company. Its main activity is the production of mineral fertilizers: ammonia, urea and urea formaldehyde condensate (UFC). More than 4 thousand people work at the main production site of the company.

The plant exports its products to more than 120 countries of the world. The share of exports is around 85% of the total output. Apart from producing mineral fertilizers, the company has successfully launched the production of bricks, super-thin basalt fiber, refractory materials and consumer goods.

JSC Azotremmash (Togliatti, Samara region) had historically been constructed at the same production site with TOAZ; in Soviet times it served almost all the Union nitrogen industry. In 1996 the joint-stock company Azotremmash joined the company.

Azotremmash is the only Russian diversified company that manufactures spare parts for the imported large-scale production units, which produce mineral fertilizers, and spare parts for equipment for petrochemical, petroleum refining and power production enterprises. The products here are unique, as they are not serial. Production capacities enable the company to manufacture equipment as heavy as 50 tons, with diameter of up to 3800 mm, under pressure of up to 320 kg/cm2.

One of the most important investment projects of TOAZ is construction of the deep-water sea port for transshipment of ammonia and other important commercial cargo on the Taman Peninsula (Temryuk district, Krasnodar region). Over the last years, the company has invested significant funds in the port project implementation; most of the facilities are completed. The construction of these facilities has been performed in line with high standards of operational security and environmental requirements.

TOAZ continues to invest funds, significant for the region, in development of social infrastructure of Temryuk district, participates in charity and social work throughout the whole region. Particularly, the company has built a gas-distributing station in Temryuk District, laid a gas pipeline to Volna Village, and completed the construction of a railway station, an administration building and residential buildings for the employees. The launch of the first phase of the port will help create new workplaces and attract funds to the economy and budget of the region.

Togliattiazot is proud to participate in the project that provides for the Russian economy a strategically important southern route for delivery of domestic products, chemical and many others, to the world markets. The national importance of the Taman port terminal has been repeatedly emphasized by the leaders of Russia; the project is included in the State Program for Development of Russian sea ports.