Urea Formaldehyde Concentrate

Urea Formaldehyde Concentrate (CH2-N-CO-N-CH2) is a major scientific achievement which TOAZ patented in 1998. Today, TOAZ produces this clear, viscous liquid in two grades: one designed for processing granular nitrogen fertilizers; the other used by our wholly-owned sister company, Sheksninsky wood panel plant, in the production of high quality resin.

During the all-Russian exhibition ChemExpo 2002, organized by the Russian Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology, TOAZ was awarded for its high quality products, including praise for its UFC (and methanol) production.

The findings of our extensive research into UFC and UFC-based resins have been published by our former president, Vladimir Makhlay, and our current Head of Intellectual Property Development and Protection, Sergey Afanasyev in a monograph entitled Introduction to the Chemistry of UFC.

Urea formaldehyde concentrate manufactured based on TOAZ technology is equal to the best product available worldwide.

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