The volume of Togliattiazot’s Investment Program 2022 will reach 50 bln roubles. The program will include implementation of several key projects:

The Third Carbamide Unit

In 2018, TOAZ will start the construction of the third carbamide unit with a capacity of 2,200 tonnes per day. The project envisages the construction of a more economically viable and efficient unit than the currently available alternatives.

In March 2018, Togliattiazot signed a loan contract with international banking syndicates Commerzbank AG (Zurich, Switzerland) and Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg (Stuttgart, Germany) for 180 mln euros for a period of 9 years in order to finance the design and supplies of equipment and technologies required for the construction of the third unit.

The construction of the new unit will allow TOAZ to increase the share of ammonia processed into the product with a higher added value, create about 100 new jobs, and make additional payments to budgets of all levels. The unit was designed using the latest industrial safety and environmental technologies. The plant is scheduled to be commissioned in 2021.

Ammonia and Carbamide Transshipment Complex in the Port of Taman

In order to provide for uninterrupted supplies of chemical products, Togliattiazot has been constructing a very important facility since 2003 – the ammonia and carbamide transshipment complex in the sea port of Taman in the Temryuksky District (the Krasnodar Territory). Following the long suspension of the project due to reasons beyond the company’s control, TOAZ resumed the works associated with the facility construction in 2015.

The project for the construction of Taman dry cargo port is being implemented within the state program titled “The Russian Transport System Development in 2010–2021”. The project is also included in the land-use planning scheme of the Russian Federation in terms of federal transport and the Roadmap for the development of sea ports in Azov-Black Sea basin up to 2020 approved by the resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation. In turn, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation included the cargo traffic of Togliattiazot transshipment complex in the plan of development of the Taman transport in terms of the railway component thereof.

The terminal cargo turnover will reach 2 million tonnes of ammonia and 3 million tonnes of carbamide per year.  During the implementation of the project, particular attention shall be paid to social and environmental security issues. Any negative impact of the transshipment complex on the environment will be prevented or minimised thanks to strict compliance with the requirements of Russian and international regulatory documents governing the environmental protection. The project also takes into account all industrial safety requirements.

Reconstruction of BTPs (Biological Treatment Plants)

One of the priority projects included in the PJSC TOAZ Investment Program is the reconstruction ofBTPs (Biological Treatment Plants) that not only treat the sewage of the company but also serve the facilities of the northern industrial hub and utility users of the Komsomolsky District of Togliatti. 

Retooling of Water Purification Facilities for Carbamide Units

The project is aimed at replacing the equipment that reached the end of its service life with more modern alternatives, which will increase the capacity of the unit up to 4380 thousand tonnes of demineralised water per year and improve the water purification rate up to 0.2µS/cm.