Ammonia is an important component in fertilizers, refrigerator coolants, and in the metal and plastics industries. TOAZ conducts extensive R&D on ammonia, especially to maximize crop yields from its fertilizers.

Carbonic acid

Carbonic acid can be used to carbonate water or solidified into dry ice, and is commonly used in food-processing, medicine, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, automobile construction and the oil industry.


Urea is used as a highly concentrated nitrogen fertilizer, and as an effective protein additive to animal fodders. Beyond agriculture, it is also used in the production of artificial resins, plastics, adhesives, and packs, as well as in the refining of petroleum products.

Urea Formaldehyde

The company produces two grades of UFC: 1) the first grade is designed for processing granular nitrogen fertilizers; 2) the second grade is used in producing high quality resin.

Basalt fiber and film

Basalt fiber and film are high-quality, environmentally friendly and non-flammable thermal insulation materials, which significantly outperform glass wool.

Refractory materials and frit

Production shop for refractory materials was set up in cooperation with an Austrian company «Plibrico», supplier of raw components being the basis for production of dry concrete compounds and ready shaped products.

Ceramic Production

Our factory produces 60 million high quality bricks a year, each one in high demand across Russia and backed by a 70 year guarantee.