PJSC Togliattiazot completed the scheduled overhaul of the seventh ammonia unit in August.

All overhaul works were delivered to the highest standard and as scheduled. In addition to other works, the following replacements were made: catalyst in three vessels; heat exchangers, compressor air cooler, cooling water pipelines. A 56-meter high absorber in the treatment section was fitted with an internal anticorrosion coating. Metal coating of the equipment internal surface will help maintaining its performance characteristics, and, as a consequence, extending its service life.

The unit was shut down for overhaul at the end of May 2018, 23 months after the previous overhaul, which corresponds to the best industry parameters of non-stop operation for similar type of units (AM-76).

“The scheduled overhaul activities play an important role in our production, since they make TOAZ even safer and more effective. By the moment, unit No.7 has started its two-year operation cycle for the second time – meantime between overhauls. We continue to implement the upgrade program, expecting all equipment to operate in the same failure-free rhythm thanks to significant investments. During the last five years more than 28 billion roubles has been invested in this strategically important program”, highlighted Viktor Kazachkov, Deputy General Director, Operating Activities Director in CJSC Togliattiazot Corporation.

The AM-76 ammonia production unit is the most widespread type in Russia. The PJSC Togliattiazot site houses 3 of such units. The design capacity of unit No.7 is 1,750 tonnes of ammonia per day.

25.10.2021The EGM is Postponed

The EGM is Postponed

25.10.2021Notification about Postponement of the Company’s Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting

Notification about Postponement of the Company’s Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting

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TOAZ Board Sets a Date for EGM