ToAZ has become the general sponsor of Classica OPEN FEST international arts festival to be held between August 15 and September 1 at Togliatti Philharmonic Hall. This year the festival is held in the framework of Culture of Russia 2012-2018 federal program and is supported by the Russian Ministry of Culture.

The program of Classica OPEN FEST features concerts of winners of international awards, musical theater shows, and literature performances. The Volga Region Youth Symphonic Orchestra led by professor of Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Honored Artist of Russia Anatoly Levin, will appear on stage of the philharmonic hall as a regular guest.

Traditionally two concerts will be given by Trio Medici, a prize-winner of major European chamber music competitions. The musical ensemble founded at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris in 2014 will play music pieces by Mendelsson, Brahms, Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich.

A milestone event of Classica OPEN FEST is a trio of unique pianos, one of which, a Steinway, the main concert piano of the city, has been restored this year with the help of Togliattiazot.

Specially for children’s audience, the musical theater will run a game opera based on the music by Benjamin Britten’s The Little Sweep, or Let’s Make an Opera!, the premiere show of which will be given on September 1.

Lidiya Semyonova, Director of Togliatti Philarmony, said: “This year Classica OPEN FEST has gained a new status and support at the federal level. The festival has become Togliatti’s first cultural project included into the Federal Grant Program. Especially important is that the project has the support from state authorities as well as from Togliattiazot, a permanent partner of the Philharmonic Hall. We have prepared a spectacular and eventful program dedicated to two anniversaries – 125 years since birth of Sergey Prokofiev and 110 years since birth of Dmitry Shostakovich.”

Vyacheslav Suslov, CEO of CJSC Corporation Togliattiazot: “Because of Classica OPEN FEST, our city once again finds itself in the center of attention by cultural public. We are happy that such projects are attractive not only to spectators, but to musicians as well. That is why the festival is attended by winners of international awards, and some of them were born in Togliatti. This is very positive that the projects supported by ToAZ gain significance at the federal level. But, of course, the most important is that cultural life in Togliatti is becoming more and more eventful and exciting”

Togliattiazot is a regular sponsor of cultural projects and events aimed at promotion of culture and arts. For the second year running ToAZ acts as a title sponsor of Tremolo Festival (“Classics over Volga”). Also with help from ToAZs, Ladyia Classic Youth Choir (Togliatti) attended the 9th World Choir Games winning a silver medal in one of the most difficult nominations - a Champions’ Competition. The plant traditionally supports Togliatti Philharmonic Hall. ToAZ took part in the Save the Steinway! event and held a series of classic music concerts. Togliattiazot plans to further support cultural events and talented musicians of the city.


25.02.2022TOAZ suspended transit of ammonia

Due to the situation in Ukraine, in order to ensure safety of people living in the area of the ammonia pipeline, it was decided to suspend transit of ammonia.

23.11.2021TOAZ Completed Overhaul of the Second Urea Unit

PJSC TOAZ has completed a major overhaul of the second urea unit.