Charity and regional support

TOAZ is a socially responsible company and one of the largest taxpayers in the Samara region.

Togliattiazot PJSC has been steadily implementing long-term social responsibility program by providing charity and sponsorship assistance in the Togliatti and Samara regions, as well as other regions where it operates, in four key areas:

1.       Social initiatives

Togliattiazot is largely focused on social infrastructure support, particularly in the city’s Komsomolsky district, which is home to most of its employees. TOAZ provides assistance in the development of social and healthcare facilities, supports underprivileged citizens and contributes to the favourable social environment in the city, on a regular basis.

TOAZ implements projects designed to improve social environment in cooperation with the following partners:

·         Togliatti orphanages

·         Togliatti adult day care center

·         City Hospital No.4

·         Viktoriya Rehabilitiation Center

·         Charity Fund Togliatti

·         I care (Nebezrazlichno) Charity Fund

·         Resurrection Monastery

2.       Cultural and education projects

Togliattiazot enhances support of cultural and educational projects and promoting the development of musical and theatrical art in Togliatti on an annual basis. TOAZ initiates its own cultural and educational projects by attracting federal and regional partners.

In 2000, TOAZ opened its own House of Culture, which is now the city’s major leisure center and key cultural, sporting and educational venue.

Key partners:

·         Togliatti Philharmonic

·         Togliatti Museum of Local Lore

·         Koleso Theatre

3.       The development of sports culture and promotion of healthy lifestyle

The important TOAZ projects include children and youth sports promotion in cooperation with the Basketball Federation of the Samara Region, sports infrastructure development and support of mass sporting events.  

4.       Regional environmental care

Conservation, protection and reducing environmental impact is our responsibility. TOAZ allocates significant funds for environmental measures and implementation of environmental initiatives and events, held to restore the eco-balance in the region, on an annual basis.

Key partners:

·         Samarskaya Luka National Park

·         Our Togliatti charity fund, Our Forest program