High School Students of Togliatti Have Begun Their Studies in TOAZ’s Vocational Classes

Around 50 high school students have opened a new school year in the vocational classes in Gymnasium No. 35 and School No. 41 in Togliatti, created at the initiative of Russia’s largest ammonia producer Togliattiazot.

The classes announced by TOAZ and school representatives in the spring were formed as part of the plant’s innovation project titled “School as a Building Block of a Talent Pool for Chemical Enterprises of the Samara Region”, which gained recognition at a municipal contest of 2017 (winner) and the XIIth regional fair of social and educational innovations.

The curriculum of the vocational classes is divided in two specialisations: Chemistry & Physics (advanced learning of Chemistry, Physics, and Maths) and Physics & Maths (advanced learning of Physics, Maths, and Computer Science). TOAZ sponsored the renovation of classrooms and the procurement of advanced classroom equipment.

The mission of the initiative is to create an environment in order to raise students’ interest in polytechnic education, to develop engineering and project-oriented way of thinking, to form a culture of technology and design and process modelling skills, as well as to motivate graduates to make an informed choice of engineering careers and trade jobs according to the conditions of the labour market and individual abilities.

“We open our vocational classes to give the students an opportunity to be better adapted to the requirements set by today’s chemical industry to young professionals. We hope that the guys will be studying here with great enthusiasm and will be able to continue their studies at universities to come later to Togliattiazot as potential workers and do their best to develop our enterprise. This is what the idea of the “School - University - TOAZ” concent is about, and we aspire to cover as many schools as possible,” commented Tatyana Efremova, Associate Director for HR Management at Togliattiazot.

About Togliattiazot

Established in 1979, Public Joint-Stock Company Togliattiazot (TOAZ) is a leading ammonia producer in Russia, one of the three companies in the world whose capacity allows producing more than 3 million tons of this product per year. TOAZ is also one of the key urea producers in Russia, producing urea formaldehyde concentrate and other chemical products that are in demand on five continents.

Togliattiazot is one of the largest taxpayers and employers in the Samara Region and is one of the largest Russian companies according to RBC, Forbes and Expert.

Togliattiazot implements a number of social, charitable and environmental projects that provide proper, safe and healthy working conditions for its employees, and at the same time improve the quality of life for all residents of the key region where the company operates.

Within the framework of TOAZ’s Literary Orchestra and Chemistry of the Word educational projects, famous lecturers come to Togliatti to acquaint citizens with various branches of science and culture, give lectures on psychology, biology, philology, neurology, and literature. The Literary Orchestra project (a series of lectures and verbatim performances on Russian classical literature) was recognized as a project of the year in Togliatti in 2017.

In 2018, TOAZ was the first Russian company to announce a corporate project to develop skills for people nearing retirement age, dubbed the Chemistry of Experience. As part of this project, citizens of Samara and the Samara Region will have the opportunity to improve their English language and computer skills, as well as obtain important information about the labour market, career guidance tips and recommendations on starting up their own business.

TOAZ Press Office

High school students at a class




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