Billions on Upgrading. How the Regional Largest Chemical Company Develops

The Samara Region is traditionally regarded as one of the Russian leading industrial centres. Several chemical enterprises, including the undisputed industrial leader Togliattiazot, operate in the region.

Nowadays more than 4,000 residents work there; the plant produces 20% of Russia’s ammonia, providing around 11 % of global exports. Over the past five years, this chemical giant has invested more than RUB 28 billion in production upgrade, and this is not over yet, which means that new jobs will appear, and revenues to the regional and federal budgets will continue to grow. The Company has gained the unchallenged reputation of a reliable employer and active social partner.

New capacities, new jobs

One of the key producers in the Russian chemical industry is located on an area of 200 hectares and includes seven ammonia production units and two urea units. And it’s only the beginning: the company’s near-term plans include increase in production capacities. For example, in 2016-2017 the plant overhauled four ammonia production units and both urea units. The third unit will be constructed in the future, which is expected to raise the production of the material of extreme importance in agriculture by 75 %. The plant maintains a proactive strategic program for production upgrading.

By 2022, the company plans to perform a full-scale overhaul and renovation of all production facilities, including both the basic units and two unique refrigerator storage tanks for liquefied ammonia, with the capacity of 30,000 tons each, a long-distance network of process pipelines, and rail infrastructure. The project for upgrading biological treatment plants valued at more than RUB 5 billion deserves special mention.

It should be noted that all new facilities are developed considering the latest solutions for the reduction of industrial impact on the environment. This program is expected to create additional high-skilled jobs, improve production methods, increase the output of products in demand around the world, which means that one of the largest regional taxpayers will be able to make greater payments to the budgets of all levels.

Over the past six years, the plant has paid taxes and insurance contributions to the budgets of all levels in the amount of RUB 27.9 billion, including more than RUB 20.6 billion paid to the regional and municipal budgets.

Love for nature proved by actual steps

Maintenance of salubrious environment in Togliatti and in the region is not just hollow words for the Togliatti chemists, but the activity of key priority. Thanks to the environmental and equipment renovation investments, the company’s environmental performance results improve year by year. Last year this industrial giant managed to reduce its emissions of contaminating agents to 4.2 thousand tons per year, which is 56 % of the allowed level (7.43 thousand tons). In terms of investments, their efficiency is best supported by actual figures. Over the past five years, the plant has spent more than RUB 2 billion on environmental activities, including RUB 498.5 million paid last year. The plant staff are also actively involved in various regional ecological projects. For example, the chemists work hard to regenerate Togliatti forests seriously affected by great fires of 2010. The plant staff take an active part in the city volunteer clean-ups removing unauthorized landfill sites, regenerating the Volga River bio-resources by releasing juvenile fish of various species.

People are our core value!

Compliance with the environmental laws and maintenance of safe working conditions for our manpower are the key objectives defining the chemical giant’s activities. A wide range of solutions for labour protection and the so-called efficient safety are in place at the plant. The implemented policy stating that each employee shall be responsible both for his/her own life and for the life and health of his/her colleagues has had its positive results. Last year the plant demonstrated zero injury rate, which is quite rare for domestic enterprises. Yet another successful example of the chemical company’s commitment to safety and health protection of employees is as follows. Regular health assessments performed by high-skilled doctors using the most advanced equipment, as well as beneficial health resort treatment have contributed to the fact that no occupational diseases have been recorded at the plant since 2003. Besides, since 2016 the plant has begun to make out policies of voluntary medical insurance at its own expense.

Reliable and prestigious employer

For many years, Togliattiazot has been known for its social policy. Nowadays representatives of 400 labour dynasties work at the plant, and here is a reason for that. The plant workers are aware that not all enterprises can boast of such social security protection. Young employees from all over the region are attracted by convenient and, which is more important, fair labour conditions. Young specialists receive lump-sum benefits and their positions are guaranteed upon return from service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Children of the plant workers are entitled to subsidised places in the corporate kindergarten and vouchers to summer camps valued at 10 % of their actual cost. The plant is also mindful of veterans. Within five years, each retired person receives additional payments amounting to 10 % of the former salary, as well as quarterly financial assistance and payments connected with various memorable dates. This year the collective contract made between the plant and its employees for the next three years has been recognised as the best contract in the Samara Region thanks to its increased benefits. Besides, the chemical giant also pays special attention to new trends in the life of the Russians and plans to launch its new educational project for all regional residents since 2019. Residents over the age of 50 will be entitled to free training in various fields in order to ensure their professional retraining and smooth integration into new high-tech and digital economic environment of the country.

Flourish mighty Togliatti and Samara Region!

One cannot speak of the chemists’ activities and ignore their unique cultural and educational projects being implemented for Togliatti city dwellers! The company has showcased its business approach in this area too. They have conducted special survey and revealed that the city dwellers need new leisure activities. The chemists have reviewed the situation and created a philological and educational project called ‘Literary Orchestra’ for Togliatti citizens. The city dwellers have also followed free lectures ‘Chemistry of Speech’ with great interest. Famous journalists, scientists and psychologists discuss various interesting scientific, psychological, literary and arts issues with Togliatti residents in understandable terms. Take, at the very least, the concerts of popular interesting performers given in ‘Impulse’ program, the proceeds from the sale of tickets to which are donated to charity, namely, they are used to form a scholarship fund for Togliatti’s young musicians. Let alone the plant’s longstanding close cooperation with the Togliatti Philharmonic Hall and Local History Museum. This is a principal employer and mainstay of the entire city, and most employees live in the Komsomolsky district of Togliatti. Therefore, the company actively cooperates with the city and improves public and medical institutions, renders assistance to disadvantaged groups of citizens, orphan asylums, veterans of work, the disabled people and retired employees and in such a manner forms the social climate in hometown. TOAZ takes every opportunity to make its contribution to the development and prosperity of Togliatti and the Samara Region and does not want to stop there.

15.12.2020Russia's Togliatti says construction of third urea unit 40% complete

Russian nitrogen fertilizer major Togliattiazot on Monday revealed the centrepiece of its new urea plant - a 107 metre tall granulation tower - had been installed and the project is 38% complete. Due for commissioning in 2021, the 2,200 tonne/day unit will reinforce the company's presence as the largest supplier of urea to the domestic market.


TogliattiAzot receives 150 new hopper cars ordered from United Wagon Company for transportation of mineral fertilizers. The press service of the chemical enterprise announced the news.


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