Russia’s major ammonia producer, Togliattiazot (TOAZ), provided 100% of its specialists with voluntary healthcare insurance policies. This will enable each employee to receive the whole range of high-quality and high technology treatment in addition to the existing healthcare and sanatorium-and-health-resort system.

The voluntary healthcare insurance system has existed at the plant since 2014, though earlier the company only paid partly for the medical services, the other part being compensated by the trade union and an employee. Less than half of the employees used the programme. To make high-quality healthcare available to any plant workers, TOAZ defrayed all costs since 2016.

“Providing high social guarantees is a key priority of our corporate policy, which regards taking care of employees not as merely words, but as a comprehensive programme, which we constantly improve,” Vyacheslav Suslov, Togliattiazot CEO says. “In particular, we enhance medical expertise at the units: install the most state-of-the-art equipment and implement the most advanced treatment techniques on a regular basis.” It is especially important that both the employees and the region’s residents can use the latest diagnosis and treatment services.

At present, TOAZ workers can use over 30 benefits and social guarantees: health care, sanatorium treatment, financial support of young specialists and retirees, etc. Since 2016, the plant benefits have included the voluntary healthcare insurance policy, which is a unique practice for such a large enterprise.

However, many would envy TOAZ own medical and health basis. It even has its own sanatorium Nadezhda. The level of its services is characterised by the fact that sanatorium Nadezhda was awarded gold and silver medals in the categories “The best health resort in terms of academic research” and “The best physiotherapeutic technologies” at the national forum, Zdravnitsa 2016, which involved over 300 participants from Austria, France, Italy, Russia and Kazakhstan.

“In 2015, we already got ‘gold’ at the forum for the development of a fitness and health centre, and ‘silver’ for the implementation of new technologies,” Yelizaveta Gazdiyeva, health resort head doctor, DSc in Medicine says. “This is a result of our comprehensive work and one of our key achievements: providing a wide range of consultations and diagnosis.” At present, we can diagnose a number of grave diseases at an early stage and prevent their development.

The activity of TOAZ healthcare centre is mainly focused on preventive care. As a result, no occupational diseases have been revealed at the enterprise since 2007.

Regular upgrade of healthcare equipment is another key to success. For example, recently a contactless automatic opthalmotonous pressure monitor has been installed at the plant’s medical unit. The monitor provides for a timely diagnosis of glaucoma with patients. The physiotherapy room was equipped with a latest ultrasound apparatus. Nadezhda’s diagnosis centre was equipped with a full format digital densitometer to measure bone mineral density and a comprehensive analysis of human skeleton. Similar equipment is only available in the region’s largest clinics. High accuracy of the new densitometer provides for early diagnosis of osteoporosis, a dangerous disease, and helps maintain health and life of the patients due to the modern treatment techniques. One would hardly be able to afford such expensive treatment complex in private clinics, but it is available for all plant’s employees and other patients at the plant health resort.

The plant has also promoted the opening of a special unit with an opportunity of 24-hour stay of children with disabilities at the Togliatti rehabilitation centre Viktoriya. TOAZ provided construction materials to complete the repair works, it also took part in the instalment of a modern air conditioning system. Now, the Berezhok unit is equipped with multifunctional beds, a baby changing facility, a sanitary room and an armchair for bathing, as well as with special equipment for lifting and moving patients. Incidentally, a year ago TOAZ contributed to opening a room for children with multiple pathology, at the same place. The plant also helped purchase furniture for social rehabilitation centres, Delfin and Garmoniya. It transferred hundreds of furniture and equipment items to a branch of boarding school No. 2 for children with disabilities. This is what Togliattiazot’s integral healthcare programme is, including major and minor, but specific measures, implemented at the plant, in the city and in the region.



15.12.2020Russia's Togliatti says construction of third urea unit 40% complete

Russian nitrogen fertilizer major Togliattiazot on Monday revealed the centrepiece of its new urea plant - a 107 metre tall granulation tower - had been installed and the project is 38% complete. Due for commissioning in 2021, the 2,200 tonne/day unit will reinforce the company's presence as the largest supplier of urea to the domestic market.