Social security for personnel is the basis for successful and sustainable operation of any major company today. PJSC Togliattiazot is one of them.

Employees, who elect to join the plant team, know that they can rely on the management’s sound and consistent social policies to safely plan the future both for themselves and their relative.

Caring for staff

Today, Togliattiazot employs about 4,500 staff. In September, another collective bargaining contract until 2020 was signed. It is considered to be one of the progressive contracts in the Russian labour market.

- When preparing the contract, we set up a special committee including representatives of the employer and personnel,” says Tatiana Yefremova, deputy CEO - HR director of CJSC Corporation Togliattiazot. - We received about 40 proposals and discussed each one in detail. As a result, 10 new clauses were added to the collective bargaining contract and only three clauses of the previous contract were not continued.

The changes included recreational discounts and allowances for personnel facing difficult circumstances in life. Women who deliver a child and persons discharged from the service in the Russian Army are eligible for a lump sum payment of 20,000 roubles. It is important to note that there is a special package of preferences for families with children - from an additional day off on 1 September to educational programmes. The Tyulpan nursery set up by the company 20 years ago is the only corporate nursery in Togliatti which can be attended not only by children of the plant’s staff members but also by those of all city residents. Speaking about deductions, Tatiana Yefremova noted that since 2014 the company has spent over 1.4bn roubles to meet the obligations under the collective bargaining contract, with more than 50% of this amount allocated to benefits in excess of statutory standards.

Giving priority to health and education

Under the revamp programme, the chemical plant keep on actively embracing new technologies. This requires up-to-date knowledge and competencies from the plant’s staff. This is why more than 100 employees are involved in skill development programmes every year. A computer simulator fully modelling the remote unit control panel was installed to train remote control operators. The collective bargaining contract provides for assisting personnel in studying at a specialist college or university. Such care and attention enhance the chemical plant’s appeal for youth and improve general production efficiency and occupational safety.

The Togliatti-based plant pays special attention to personnel health. There has been not a single occupational disease detected at the plant over the last 15 years due to its efficient health management system. The plant’s medical centre employs skilled physicians and it is kitted out with some equipment that cannot be found even private clinics. The collective bargaining contract calls for regular health examination by specialty physicians of all the company staff. Also, in June 2016, the plant management extended the voluntary medical insurance programme. It currently covers 100% of personnel.

All the plant staff may also take advantage of the services provided by the Nadezhda health centre on easy terms. Located in Togliatti’s green belt, Nadezhda is a comfortable recreational facility. Noteworthy is that the health centre personnel regularly receive awards at national contests. Although priority is given to the plant’s staff, the centre can also be visited by residents of Togliatti, Samara Region, and people from all over Russia. The company’s social programmes are constantly extended and comply with current requirements and personnel’s requests. Even in the times of financial instability, the company’s staff can plan the future of their families.

What guarantees the long-term partnership between the employer and the employee is the management’s consistent and sound social policies.



15.12.2020Russia's Togliatti says construction of third urea unit 40% complete

Russian nitrogen fertilizer major Togliattiazot on Monday revealed the centrepiece of its new urea plant - a 107 metre tall granulation tower - had been installed and the project is 38% complete. Due for commissioning in 2021, the 2,200 tonne/day unit will reinforce the company's presence as the largest supplier of urea to the domestic market.