In 2020, TOAZ Set New Production Records

Last year, Togliattiazot (PJSC TOAZ), one of Russia’s and world’s leading producers of ammonia and urea, updated records in the output and shipment of the core products.

In 2020, ammonia production amounted to 3.041 mln tons (in 2019, 3.019 mln tons), which was the absolute record throughout the history of the enterprise.

Urea production in 2020 amounted to 839,000 tons (in 2019, 785,000 tons). This indicator also became the record-setting for Togliattiazot since 1991.

Such outstanding results achieved amidst the COVID-related restrictions became possible thanks to the productivity enhancement and capacity upgrading program which has been implemented since 2012. During this period, the investments into renovation of production units, enhancement of their productivity and safety exceeded RUB 51 billion (approx. US$ 700 million as of Jan 20, 2021).

Besides, in 2020, PJSC TOAZ set the record in the shipment of ammonia from the plant via the Togliatti – Odessa pipeline operated by Transammiak PJSC. The ammonia pumping volume reached 2,355 thousand tons.  2 million tons of ammonia were transported to the storage tanks of Odessa Port Plant (Ukraine).

Commenting on the high production results reached by TOAZ in 2020, Dmitry Mezheedov, General Director of JSC Corporation Togliattiazot pointed out the following: “Last year demonstrated to the full extent the strategic relevance of investments made by the enterprise into the upgrading of its production facilities. Thanks to investing funds and efforts of our team into the upgrading in the previous years, our production units were operating smoothly and safely at the time we needed it the most, i.e. amidst the global uncertainty. Of course, our outstanding results are due to performance of all Togliattiazot staff: the units that ensured production process safety during the epidemic; production workers who agreed to the forced isolation at Nadezhda health centre; people who worked remotely, and those who arrived at the work site every day.  I am sure that our new records with such a great staff are right around the corner.”

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