TOAZ Completed Overhaul of the Second Urea Unit

PJSC TOAZ (Togliattiazot), a producer of ammonia and urea, one of the leaders in Russia and the world, has completed a major overhaul of the second urea unit. This made it possible to stabilize the operation of the unit for the next year and to ensure the continuity of the technological process in production. 

One of the main tasks of the overhaul was to improve the safety of the unit in connection with the new legal requirements. In particular, a technical re-equipment of the air exchange systems was carried out, an alarm network was installed, which notifies of malfunctions and monitors the air condition inside and outside the premises. In addition, the field instrumentation and gas analysis system has been brought in line with the current requirements of federal legislation - now it transmits data on gas content to the central dispatch center in real time.

During the overhaul, the heat exchangers were washed, the valves were updated, the dynamic equipment was diagnosed and repaired. The conveyor belt, delivering finished products to the urea warehouse, was replaced, the vacuum hood was modernized, frequency converters and fan blades were replaced. Anti-corrosion protection of the unit's metal structures has been completed.

“The specialists of the repair shops and contracting organizations of TOAZ carried out a large amount of necessary work in a short time, which will ensure the safety of the technological process and reduce the risks of emergencies in the production of carbamide,” notes acting director of repairs of TOAZ Dmitry Lukyanchenko.

The overhaul of the second urea unit was carried out as part of a strategic program for modernizing production facilities, implemented since 2012 and aimed at improving the efficiency and safety of TOAZ. In the course of it, full-scale work has already been carried out to modernize ammonia and urea production units, both isothermal ammonia storage facilities are the largest in Russia, and treatment facilities are being modernized. The total volume of investments within the framework of the program has now exceeded 55 billion rubles. Also, the construction of the third block with a capacity of 2.2 thousand tons per day is underway; Its commissioning is scheduled for 2022.

28.10.2022Перед стартом

Тольяттиазот готовится запустить третий агрегат карбамида. О статусе нового объекта и ключевых работах на стройплощадке газете рассказали руководитель проекта Александр Постнов и начальник производства карбамида Михаил Цаплин.


Within the framework of his working trip to Togliatti, the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Samara Region, Andrey Shamin, visited PJSC TOAZ.


PJSC TOAZ (Togliattiazot), one of the leading mineral fertilizer producers in Russia, continues its large-scale production development program. The first stage of a major project to upgrade the loading tracks of the discharge/loading rack was completed at the ammonia preparation shop (No.13).