Key Facility of 3d Urea Unit Completed

PJSC TOAZ (Togliattiazot), the largest supplier of urea to the Russian agricultural market in 2019 and one of the major producers of ammonium in Russia, continues implementing its key investment project – construction of the third urea production unit with a capacity of 2,200 tonnes per day. The end of November witnessed the completion of a 107-meter prilling tower - a critical production facility of the new unit.

The erection of the tower that is a cast-in-situ jointless structure and will become the highest facility at Togliattiazot’s production site and one of the features with dominating height in Togliatti required 6,600 m3 of concrete, 465 tonnes of reinforcement bars and 2,900 embedded items.

The prilling tower is the key urea process facility; it is where the finished product is formed: the freely falling melt drops crystallize in the counterflow of air, resulting in the same-size prills. This method of production of commercial urea ensures a high quality of product and is most widely used all over the world.

The prilling tower was built using an advanced method of concreting with sliding forms: the fixed forms were moved up together with the facility, thus ensuring the rate of construction of 2 m/day. To put this solution into practice, the general construction contractor Casale Project involved the domestic company Teplokhimmontazh that specialized in the erection of high-rise structures using the sliding form method. To make homogenous concrete and high-quality joints, 140 installers worked 50 days in three shifts, concreting, including at sub-zero temperatures.

TOAZ’s project team praised a high rate of completion and the achievement of the design level on time.

Currently, the overall project has over 38% of construction activities completed. There are plans to install a 45-meter reactor weighing 300 tonnes at the site of TOAZ’s third urea production unit by the end of 2020.


25.02.2022TOAZ suspended transit of ammonia

Due to the situation in Ukraine, in order to ensure safety of people living in the area of the ammonia pipeline, it was decided to suspend transit of ammonia.

23.11.2021TOAZ Completed Overhaul of the Second Urea Unit

PJSC TOAZ has completed a major overhaul of the second urea unit.