Togliattiazot (TOAZ), the largest ammonia producer in Russia, continues with construction of the third urea plant. For this purpose large-capacity equipment by CASALE S. A. was delivered to the company site in early December, namely 55 ton lower boiler separator, 48 ton urea solution bin, and 110 ton economizer. This equipment will be installed later in the synthesis shop as well as in boiler house currently under construction.

Due to the large dimensions and weight of the equipment, the optimum shipping route was by sea: the separator and bin were transported from Italy via Mediterranean, Black seas and Sea of Azov and further by Don and Volga rivers to the river port of Togliatti. The Economizer was also delivered by sea, from Bilbao port in Spain to St. Petersburg and further to the Togliatti port by a bulk carrier.

In order not to disturb traffic, all equipment was transported from the river port to the company site on weekend. Road train set out at midnight, and by 4 p. m. the cargo was delivered to the TOAZ gates. State Road Safety Unit officers were involved to block the roads and ensure safe shipping of outsized equipment through the city. In addition, three kilometers of trolleybus lines from the central gatehouse 1 of Togliatti port to the gatehouse of Azotremmash branch of Togliattiazot were dismantled and reinstalled after the road train passage.

From the TOAZ gates, the equipment was transported to the warehouse and unloaded by a 500 ton Liebherr crane of the company.

Equipment installation will start in summer 2020.

Editor reference:

Evaporator separator serves to increase urea solution concentration and strip water, carbon dioxide and ammonia.

Urea solution bin is a tank for collection of ammonium carbonates and for unconverted feedstock return.

Economizer is a heat exchange element required for preheating and partial evaporation of steam boiler feed water.

About TOAZ Urea Plant 3

October 2018, Togliattiazot launched the construction of Urea Plant 3 at the Togliatti site. The plant’s design capacity will be 2,200 Mtpd of urea, increasing the company’s current urea production capacity by more than 70 %.

The project will cost RUR 25 bn. It is financed from TOAZ’ internal and borrowed funds. March 2018, Togliattiazot signed a 9-year loan agreement worth of € 180 mn with the banking syndicate of Commerzbank AG (Zurich, Switzerland) and Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg (Stuttgart, Germany). The guarantor is the Swiss Export Credit Agency (SERV).

The plant design was developed jointly with Casale S.A. (Lugano, Switzerland) based on best available techniques in industrial and environmental safety to guarantee an appreciable reduction in atmospheric emissions.

The plant is expected to be commissioned in 2021.

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