In 2017, not a single industrial injury was recorded at TOAZ. Due to the large-scale preventive efforts in occupational safety, LTIFR in 2017 stood at 0.

By this rate, TOAZ outstripped most of domestic and many foreign companies and dramatically improved its own performance. The company’s LTIFR was 0.52 in 2016 as compared to 0.62 in 2015.

Says Vyacheslav Suslov, CEO, CJSC Corporation Togliattiazot: “The zero industrial injury rate was attained by daily efforts aimed at enhancing industrial safety at our company. These issues are daily addressed not only by personnel in charge, but also by each worker or employee at TOAZ. It is teamwork and shared responsibility that allowed us to achieve such a remarkable result. I’d like to thank all our staff for strict compliance with safety regulations and for helping their coworkers to do so.”

The issues of providing a high level of industrial safety, accident prevention and development of production culture are one of the priority issues at PJSC TOAZ. The Leader Winner programme implemented by the company since 2015 is aimed at developing an effective occupational safety system and providing a high occupational safety level using a positive motivation. In 2016, TOAZ adopted the Regulations on Rewarding Personnel for High Performance in Health, Safety and Environment. As part of work aimed at preventing accidents and potential occurrences, OHS inspectors conduct regular checks at the company’s shops and behavioural safety audits, implement a set of advanced safety methods and 5S lean production system tools.

Togliattiazot team’s effective OHS work, continuous LTIFR reduction and absence of occupational diseases at the company for 15 years have been repeatedly recognised by federal authorities. Thus in 2016, Svetlana Tkachenko, senior OHS inspector at Shop 16, was among three winners of the nationwide review contest “The Best Occupational Safety Inspector of Roskhimprofsoyuz”. At year-end 2017, TOAZ received an award of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE) in the nomination “For Achievements in the Occupational Health and Safety Area”.

10.02.2021Togliattiazot Launched COVID-19 Inoculation

Togliattiazot, a leading producer of ammonia and urea in Russia and one of the major employers in Togliatti, has started a vaccination campaign against a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) for its employees on a voluntary basis.

08.02.2021TOAZ adjusts salaries of its employees

Togliattiazot , a leading producer of ammonia and urea in Russia and a backbone enterprise in Togliatti, will adjust the salaries of its employees by 5 percent in accordance with Article 134 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation and as part of its obligations under the collective agreement dated 1 February 2021.

20.01.2021In 2020, TOAZ Set New Production Records

PJSC TOAZ updated records in the output and shipment of the core products.