TOAZ transferred 27.9 billion rubles in the form of taxes and insurance contributions to the budgets of all levels since 2012, including more than 20.5 billion rubles to the regional and local budgets.

Togliattiazot has been for many years among the largest taxpayers in Samara region, who form more than a quarter of the region's budget. The company also provides a significant amount of revenues to the city budget of Togliatti, being one of the primary local taxpayers and employers.

"It is symbolic that the volume of taxes paid for the last 6 years is comparable to the volume of investments made into development of the enterprise during the same period (more than 28 billion rubles), Deputy CEO - Director for Economics and Finance of the CJSC Corporation Togliattiazot Nikolay Neplyuev said. - For TOAZ the development of the native region and home city is as important as its own development. Therefore we perceive the timely payment of taxes not only as a responsibility, but also as an opportunity to contribute to the prosperity of the Samara region and Togliatti".

Tax payment is not the only manifestation of social responsibility of PJSC TOAZ. The company conducts charitable activities in its native region, supporting cultural institutions (Togliatti Philharmonic Society and Togliatti Museum of Local History), young musicians (the "Impulse" scholarship program), medical institutions, under-privileged communities (children left without parental care, sick children and veterans), and also allocating funds for the support of sports (Basketball Federation of Samara region and construction of a sports ground in the Komsomolsky district) and foster families (grants to families who adopted children from Samara region and children with disabilities).

25.10.2021The EGM is Postponed

The EGM is Postponed

25.10.2021Notification about Postponement of the Company’s Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting

Notification about Postponement of the Company’s Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting

27.09.2021TOAZ Board Sets a Date for EGM

TOAZ Board Sets a Date for EGM