PJSC Togliattiazot has completed the project to overhaul T-02 (B) cryogenic tank designed to hold 30,000 tons of liquid ammonia at -31,-33 deg.

The decision to overhaul the tank was passed early this year, and the project started as early as April with the replacement of the insulation. The list of insulation repair tasks was based on a thorough diagnostic inspection of the tank and its hardware and latest industrial safety practices and use of advanced materials.

Under the overhaul project, the cryogenic tank measuring 50m in height has been covered with a double layer of plates made of cellular glass, which is one of the most effective insulating materials. It provides enhanced strength, durability, water repellence, and meets all fire safety requirements.

In addition to the insulation, safety devices, shut-off valves and base plate have been totally renewed. This overhaul project using advanced materials will enhance reliability and safety of the tank by totally eliminating any ammonia evaporation even in the hottest environment during the summer.

Apart from contractors, directly involved in the project were ToAZ professionals, who demonstrated top-class performance and good cross-shop coordination.

Viktor Kazachkov, Deputy CEO and Operations Director, Togliattiazot Corporation CJSC, commented on the completion of the upgrade project: “Operating the cryogenic tanks that have been overhauled and received new insulation will allow us to sizeably cut costs for maintaining the necessary ammonia temperature conditions, and ammonia vapour losses during storage, thereby improving overall production economics and industrial safety.”

Togliattiazot site has a two Russia’s largest cryogenic tanks totalling 60,000 tons. The second tank—T-02 (A)—was overhauled in 2015.

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