In 2017, 120 students from three Russian regions chose ToAZ as a place to do an internship. This year, 70 students have already completed their internship with the company, the other 50 will do so through late December.

In July, students of the Togliatti State University adopted operational experience at ToAZ: would-be experts, guided by tutors, Togliattiazot employees, visit ToAZ units, laboratories, waste treatment facilities, study modern production processes and units, and learn how to fill in the documents.

In addition to the Togliatti State University, the Togliatti Politechnic College and Togliatti Academy of Management send students from the Samara Region to do an internship at Togliattiazot, as well as the Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology and Dimitrovgrad Technology Institute do from other regions.

Academic progress is the necessary prerequisite to do an internship with the company, therefore only B and A students can become interns. Students are only allowed to do an internship, starting from their second year; many students start to collect data for their future thesis during an internship and later choose ToAZ operations as the subject of their thesis.

Tatyana Yefremova, Togliatiiazot Deputy CEO, HR Director, says: ToAZ accepts the best eligible students for an internship to help them submerge into professional environment and understand the essence of their work, following their graduation. Togliattiazot maintains a strong focus on HR policy, therefore, by inviting and educating students, we contribute to the development of a new generation of employees, as practice is one of the most important aspects of professional training for future experts. I’m happy to note that we and our students are mutually interested in each other: Togliattiazot is one of Russia’s largest and most state-of-the-art chemical enterprises with a highly professional team, so doing an internship with us is interesting, comfortable and prestigious for the would-be specialists.”


25.02.2022TOAZ suspended transit of ammonia

Due to the situation in Ukraine, in order to ensure safety of people living in the area of the ammonia pipeline, it was decided to suspend transit of ammonia.

23.11.2021TOAZ Completed Overhaul of the Second Urea Unit

PJSC TOAZ has completed a major overhaul of the second urea unit.