Board of Directors of JSC Togliattiazot (the Company) at its meeting convened on March 23, 2016 set a date to conduct an AGM.

The AGM will take place on June 12, 2016 in the assembly hall of Togliattiazot plant office at 32, Povolzhskoye Shosse, Togliatti, Russia. The meeting will start at 8 am, with registration starting at 7 am.

JSC Togliattiazot AGM’s agenda includes the following items:

Election of the members of the Board of Directors of the company; Early termination of JSC Togliattiazot management company’s powers; Approval of the company’s annual report for 2015; Approval of annual financials for 2015, including P&L statement of the company; Approval of profit (loss) distribution scheme (including payment (and announcement) of dividends), remuneration of the members of the Board and Audit commission for their work in 2015; Election of the members of the Audit commission of the Company; Approval of the Auditing company for JSC Togliattiazot; Election of CJSC ‘Soft-Audit’ as an auditor for JSC Togliattiazot at the AGM.

The list of shareholders authorized for participation in the AGM is to be compiled as of April 25, 2016.

20.09.2021TOAZ Starts Manning New Urea Production Unit

Please find an update of the new urea production unit construction process. As of now the unit is 65.7 per cent completed. Togliattiazot has recently started hiring employees for the new unit, and over 20 of them have already started working.

14.09.2021Regarding the Open Session on the Cassation Appeal

Regarding the Open Session on the Cassation Appeal

25.08.2021TOAZ Board Sets a Date for EGM

Board of Directors of PJSC TOAZ set a date to conduct an Extraordinary General Meeting of the shareholders.