JSC Togliattiazot (ToAZ), the largest ammonia manufacturer in Russia, took part in the organization of a qualification round of the Silver Bird creativity festival for children with disabilities living in the Komsomolsky District of Togliatti.

This year, the social festival is held in Togliatti for the nineteenth time. The qualification round took place in the ToAZ Cultural Center.

The Silver Bird festival enables children with disabilities to realize their potential in various arts. At the event, the young participants sang, danced and played different music instruments. As usual, the largest category was fine and decorative arts; it included drawings, wood articles and plasticine models. Overall, 74 children aged between 6 and 18 participated in the qualification round. They were pupils from the Berezhok rehabilitation center, Residential Care Home No. 3 and local schools.

Before the festival, ToAZ held a charity event to collect gifts for the children: each participant took home souvenirs from Togliattiazot employees.

Julia Petrenko, Deputy CEO of CJCS Corporation Togliattiazot, said: “We have been involved in organizing the qualification round of the Silver Bird festival for children from the Komsomolsky District for two years running now. Last year, the event took place in the Family Center. This year, we offered to hold it in our own cultural center to make the festival available for as many children as possible, and they had a wonderful time participating in the event. We hope that the festival will continue to develop and become a symbol of creativity and unlimited opportunities.”

Seven children will go through to the final of the Silver Bird festival. They will present their talents and works at the city event.

Sponsorship and charitable activities of Togliattiazot are aimed at the improvement of the well-being of the city and its residents. ToAZ provides charity support to the Victoria rehabilitation center for children and adolescents with disabilities, supports the Silver Bird social festival and the contest of children’s creative projects “Inventing the Future”, and partners the city charitable Togliatti Foundation. Together with the Togliatti Philharmonic Hall, the company organizes music festivals for people living in the Komsomolsky District. This year, Togliattiazot launched a large-scale project called “Literature Orchestra” in cooperation with the educational website and the Variant theater. Lectures and performances devoted to Russian literature will take place in Togliatti in 2016-2017.

25.10.2021The EGM is Postponed

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Notification about Postponement of the Company’s Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting

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