OJSC Togliattiazot (ToAZ) has completed overhaul and upgrading of one of the seven ammonia units at the plant. The facility was successfully put into operation.

The full-scale repair and modernization of all vital systems of Ammonia Unit 6 has been conducted, from replacement of electrical equipment to installation of automated control system. A new 1000 kW synchronous motor was installed on unit 6 for the first time ever, and six 2500 kW power transformers in the substations were replaced.

An innovative solution applied during the upgrade was modernization of the rotation speed control system of the turbine-driven units (compressors and pumps) that involved installation of advanced electronic sensors and electromechanical drives. Most of the turbine-driven units were switched to cascade mode, which allows maintaining not only the speed of rotation, but directly the process parameters (feed water and air flow rates, pressure, etc.). This approach provides performance stability regardless of weather conditions, process mode fluctuations or human factors. It also reduces gas flow rate.

Unit 6 now has an advanced system of surge control at the process air turbocompressor. The upgraded compressor is designed to support the production capacity of the unit, while the whole system ensures protection in the event of an emergency.

In the course of the project all Unit’s reaction tubes have been replaced, and a control gas mixture coil with the increased surface has been assembled and installed. This improves the unit performance and also guarantees 100,000 hours (12 years) of uninterrupted work of the reaction tubes.

At the final stage of the project, the installation of Honeywell new-generation automatic process control system was carried out. The system records all events and actions, visualizes all data and settings, and is sensitive to any changes. This allows to quickly switching processes and equipment to a safe mode in case of an emergency.

As a result of the upgrade, production capacity of Unit 6 has increased by 23% up to 1,750 tons per day, while consumption of natural gas has fallen by more than 10%. The new equipment provides for a margin for further increase in capacity of the Unit.

Viktor Kazachkov, Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer of OJSC Togliattiazot, commented: “The consistent upgrade of the plant’s key production facilities, such as ammonia units, allows ToAZ to bring production to a new level. The use of innovative solutions contributes to an increase in capacity, reliability and durability of the equipment, and may significantly boost efficiency of production by reducing electricity and natural gas consumption”.

Overhaul of Ammonia Unit 6 was carried out within the scope of a large-scale Program of Modernization of Production Facilities scheduled until 2020. As part of the Program, in 2015-2016 it is planned to significantly upgrade the equipment at Ammonia Units 3, 4 and 5.


The Board of Directors of Togliattiazot (PJSC TOAZ) elected Petr Ordzhonikidze as the Chairman of the Board at a meeting held on April 18, 2021.


Public Joint Srock Company Togliattiazot held the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) on April 17th, 2021.

02.04.2021Construction of Togliattiazot’s 3rd Urea Unit is 40% Completed in 2020

Togliatti, April 2, 2021 - TOAZ PJSC (Togliattiazot) held a presentation for citizens and authorities on the construction progress of the third urea unit - one of the key investment projects of the Russian chemical industry with a total value of more than 25 billion rubles. During the event, the participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with information about the current status of the project, learn about the benefits for the city and the region from the launch of the unit.