ToAZ received special acknowledgements from the mayor of Togliatti Sergey Andreyev for successful realization of the project named “Days of Protection against Environmental Hazards on the City Territory in 2015”. ToAZ won the lead in the Clean City nomination of the ECOTOGLIATTI 2015 contest of projects of environmental initiatives among industrial enterprises.

The award ceremony was held as part of the scientific conference dedicated to the environmental problems of Togliatti city district and ways of their solution. The event was organized by the Togliatti administration and Togliatti State University. ToAZ was represented by the Chief of Department of Intellectual Property Development and Protection, Doctor of Science, Professor Sergey Afanasyev who presented a report.

In his speech, Professor Afanasyev noted: “In the framework of the Program for development of industrial and environmental safety, Togliattiazot expands its environmental initiatives from year to year. Responsible attitude to environment, consistent implementation of various ecological projects and adoption of innovative technologies in production helps us improve environmental performance in our home region”.

ToAZ delivers a great number of ecologic initiatives such as volunteer clean-up in the city, restoration of forests burnt in the massive fires of 2010, stocking of the Volga river with baby-fish, and eco cycling rallies. Since 2013 Togliattiazot cooperates with Samarskaya Luka National Park. Measures to ease the man-induced pressure on environment are part of the ToAZ investment plan until 2020. Last year, Togliattiazot was awarded the Leader of Industrial Ecology of Russia.

20.09.2021TOAZ Starts Manning New Urea Production Unit

Please find an update of the new urea production unit construction process. As of now the unit is 65.7 per cent completed. Togliattiazot has recently started hiring employees for the new unit, and over 20 of them have already started working.

14.09.2021Regarding the Open Session on the Cassation Appeal

Regarding the Open Session on the Cassation Appeal

25.08.2021TOAZ Board Sets a Date for EGM

Board of Directors of PJSC TOAZ set a date to conduct an Extraordinary General Meeting of the shareholders.