To: JSC Togliattiazot shareholders, management and employees

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The orthodox parish of the Transfiguration Temple would like to sincerely thank you for your repeated assistance in the reconstruction of the Church. Thanks to your donations, we have been able to start work on the fabrication and installation of the cornices made of white stone. Currently, the construction of the bell tower is under completion, metal structures of the roof and dome are being fabricated. We have also started to manufacture the window and door units. Preparation work for casting the bells is in progress.

Parishioners feel sincere joy as they watch the once-destroyed shrine reviving! Once again I sincerely thank you for your support in rebuilding the Temple!

God bless you.

With deep reverence and prayer,


Archpriest Vladimir Volgin Beneficiary Transfiguration Temple at Preobrazhenskaya Square

20.07.2021TOAZ Board Sets a Date for EGM

Board of Directors of PJSC TOAZ set a date to conduct an Extraordinary General Meeting of the shareholders.

10.07.2021Changes to the Corporate Bodies of PJSC ‘TOAZ’

The Board of Directors of JSC Corporation ‘Togliattiazot’ voted for appointment of Sergey Shishov as an interim CEO of JSC Corporation ‘Togliattiazot’.

04.06.2021TOAZ Invested Almost Half a Billion Rubles in Ecology and Environmental Protection in 2020

TOAZ PJSC invested 487 million rubles in environmental activities in 2020. For the period from 2018 to 2020 this figure exceeded 1.5 billion rubles.