At the beginning of April there were held the 17th World Salon of inventions and innovations “Arkhimed-2014” (Архимед-2014). There were participants from 42 regions of the RF and 17 countries of near abroad and far abroad.

According to the data of the Organizing committee of the Salon, more than 750 of innovation projects of the various fields of science and technique took part in this competition, each of these projects were estimated by the intelligent experts of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (Rospatent). The results of their work were approved by the competent international jury, consisting of representatives of Great Britain, South Korea, Taiwan, Serbia, and also representatives of the World Intellectual Property Organization.

As “Togliattiazot” Press Service reported, the Samara Region has been represented by the one participant – the flagship of the national chemical production, “Togliattiazot” company. “Togliattiazot” presented four patents for invention: “Method for methanol producing”, which has been used by LLC “Tomet” in two methanol plants; “Heat-resistant alloy”, introduced into production by LLC “Reaction pipes” for production of reformer tubes; “Cold storage device”, introduced into production of “Pragold” beer; “Reactor block”, designed for treatment of UFC-85 waste gases from formaldehyde contaminants.

All the presented inventions are RF patented, and “Togliattiazot” employees are the authors of these inventions. License agreements for two patents has been concluded (for its non-exclusive usage), which were State registered in Rospatent.

Their usefulness can be judged by the following examples. “Method for methanol producing”, embedded in LLC “Tomet”, allows for the usage of 300 thousand tones of carbon dioxide that earlier had been discharged into the atmosphere. Together with the observing the known Kyoto Protocol, such introduction earns high cash profit for the factory. Change of the material to the heat-resistant alloy allowed LLC “Reaction pipes” to decrease wall thickness of the reaction tubes due to the increased strength characteristics of metal, and to increase the inner diameter. In its turn, it influenced on capacity of ammonia plant in a good way.

As a result, “Togliattiazot” delegation has won three medals from the World Salon “Arkhimed”, among them are: the gold - for the patent RU№2331625 “Method for producing methanol”, the silver – for the RU№2393260 “Heat-resistant alloy”, and the bronze – for the patent RU№2300714 “Cold storage device”.

14.12.2020Key Facility of 3d Urea Unit Completed

PJSC TOAZ continues implementing its key investment project – construction of the third urea production unit with a capacity of 2,200 tonnes per day.

14.08.2020Togliattiazot 1H 2020 Financials

PJSC TOAZ has published its financial performance figures for the 1st half of 2020.

07.08.2020The High Court of Ireland Confirmed its Decisions in Regards with the Foreclosure of PJSC TOAZ Shares

PJSC TOAZ has received a letter from the lawyers of its majority shareholders informing of the decisions that the High Court of Ireland had taken within the case that involved PJSC TOAZ shareholders and is being heard by the Court. In order to inform the public, we publish the bullet points from the letter.