Togliattiazot management launched the initiative of the company work collective which had been announced at the employees meeting and related to supporting of disabled children adopters. It has been planned to establish 100 grants to be paid out of the company’s profit to Russian citizens who will adopt children with disabilities.

Each grant will amount to 120 000 Russian rubles and will be paid annually per each child from the moment of adoption up to attainment of legal age.

Russian citizens from any region of the Russian Federation, who adopted disabled children residing at the child care-centers of Samara Region at the moment of adoption, may become the participants of the grant-program. The start of the program is scheduled for January 01, 2014.

The company management also believe that the grant funds may be used for the following purposes: expansion of housing space, spending of vacations with a child, purchasing of specialized medical equipment, child care within postsurgical period, and as well as for other purposes related to fosterage care.

The grant-program will fully apply to the company employees as well. Aside that Togliattiazot management consider it possible to expand the program for adopters among the company employees and also to pay grants for those employees who will adopt children without disabilities. The amount of grant for these participants will be equal to 100 000 Russian rubles to be paid annually per each child subject to the same conditions applied to other participants of the program.

Commenting the decision on launching of the employees initiative and establishing of grants, Sergei Makhlai, chairman of the board of directors of the company, has expressed his confidence about the fact that Russian children should be brought up in the Russian families within the native land. «Society and domestic business elements being its essential part should support national efforts in this sphere», – as Mr. Makhlai said.

Chairman of Togliattiazot board of directors instructed to define organizational and legal form and structure for implementation of the adoption support program and to develop Regulation on Grants attracting lawyers, adoption experts, and guardianship authorities’ officials of Samara Region.

25.10.2021The EGM is Postponed

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